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Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, 'Spell Casting'In conjunction with the exhibition 'Atmosphere for Enjoyment: Harry Bertoia’s Environment for Sound,' MAD commissioned New York–based musicians Lizzi Bougatsos and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe to create sound and video recordings with Sonambient sculptures.Johann Rashid April 12, 2016EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sonambient, barn
Harry Bertoia's History and ProcessAssistant Curator, Claire McRee discusses the progress and evolution of Harry Bertoia's copper sonic sculptures throughout his career.Allentown Art MuseumEXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound
Bertoia Sculpture Art Cedarhurst Director of Development Hillary Esser introduces viewers to a sounding sculpture created by artist Harry Bertoia.Cedarhurst Center for the ArtsEXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound
1939 Harry Bertoia
Silver Brooches
Antiques Roadshow pbsEXT.LINK
VIDEOcranbrook, jewelry
Celia lecture at Cranbrook exhibition

Celia Bertoia, Harry Bertoia’s youngest daughter and director of the Harry Bertoia Foundation reviews the life and work of her Father with a special focus on his jewelery fabrication, part of the commemoration of the centennial of the artist’s birth, Bent, Cast, and Forged: The Jewelry of Harry Bertoia is the first museum exhibition devoted to Harry Bertoia’s designs for jewelry. The former Cranbrook Academy of Art student and metalsmithing instructor has received international acclaim for his metal furniture and sculpture, but his exploration of the medium originated in jewelry design while still a high school student in Detroit. Out of the hundreds of jewelry pieces attributed to Bertoia, the majority was produced during his years at Cranbrook, and this display of over thirty works offers an early glimpse of a creative vision that would crystallize as his career matured. Additionally, several early monotype prints are featured to illustrate how the artist harnessed the same intuitive and experimental approach to making in his planographic compositions. The objects in this exhibition highlight Bertoia’s investigations of form, dimension, and material on a concentrated and bankable scale—establishing him as a pioneer of the American Studio Jewelry movement and a master of elevating fashionable adornment to objets d’art.Cranbrook, 2015EXT.LINK
VIDEOcranbrook, exhibition, centennial, jewelry, biography, legacy
Harry Bertoia Sonambient Box Set Announcement - Vibrations From The Bertoia Barn

On the event of the centennial celebration of Harry Bertoia's birthday, Important Records announces the first digital release of his complete privately pressed recordings.
This 11 CD box set is packaged in heavy duty tip-on telescoping box and includes all eleven Bertoia albums packaged in replica jackets as well as a 100 page book full of never before published images from the Bertoia estate which attempts to show the depth of this highly influential artist’s work.
Harry Bertoia was an intuitive, original and influential sculptor whose sensitivity led him to discover a resonant,healing world of sound within his materials. Through this discovery he created hundreds of sound sculptures, which he called Sonambient,and turned his barn into a private chapel where he would record for hours. Harry
chose his favorite recordings from these sessions and released eleven LPs prior to his death in 1978.

Bertoia’s body of work is nature echoing through man. From
his famous chair to his sonic sculptures, Harry was a pure artist whose curiosity led him to myriad discoveries which can be clearly traced through the evolution of his work.
importantrecords, 2014EXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sonambient, centennial
Harry Bertoia's birthplace in San Lorenzo
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive

A video by Stafano Jus to celebratethe a tribute of a community to his illustrious countryman and in particular through the homage of Stefano Jus, wants to highlight the relationship between Bertoia and the territory that saw him as a boy.Stefano Jus, 2015EXT.LINK
exhibition, san lorenzo, centennial, birthplace
Exhibition dedicated to Harry Bertoia: From Nature to Sign in Pordenone

It will be this prestigious venue to welcome the exposure that the town of Pordenone has decided to propose to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Bertoia. Here the path documentary already in the middle of the two previous exhibitions is enriched materials never before exhibited, from the personal collection of Celia Bertoia, daughter of the master. This is an important group of 30 monotypes, refined and rare prints on paper, made in a single original in the late '40s and early' 70s.Municipality of Pordenone, 2015EXT.LINK
VIDEOexhibition, pordenone, centennial
Root System (for Harry Bertoia)

Jason Charney, a grad student in music composition at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, has done a creative re-mix of the sounds of Harry Bertoia's 10' tonal housed at Bowling Green. The sound is generated algorithmically in real time.Bowling Green State University, 2015EXT.LINK
Harry Bertoia
1915 - 1978

A video running continuously at the Harry Bertoia Gallery entrance in Pordenone highlights the salient moments of his human and artistic lifeAmici di Harry Bertoia, 2014EXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, biography, sculpture, chair, pordenone
Bertoia sound sculptures

Three Harry Bertoia sound sculptures at the Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh ValleyJohn Marquette, 2014EXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sonambient, tonals, sculpture, allentown
Medusa Smack

Medusa Smack it's a video installation by Vanessa Renwick
with a score composed and performed by Tara Jane ONeil
The score was partially comprised with sounds recorded by Harry Bertoia on his own Sonambient sound sculptures, as well as a recording Tara made of Athanasius Kircher's Bell Wheel at the Museum of Jurassic Technology. 
Thanks to Val Bertoia and David Wilson, respectively, for permissions granted. It premiered in the 2012 Oregon Biennial in April. It has screened at The Centre Pompidou-Paris and Centre Pompidou- Metz late April 2012 with Tara Jane ONeil doing a live score for it. It also has screened at Other Cinema, San Francisco, Unknown Music Series #1 in Anacortes, WA. and the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle.
Vanessa RenwickEXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sonambient
Diamond Chair

Virtual construction Yves OrbanEXT.LINK
VIDEOchair, diamond, virtual
Für augen und ohren [For eyes and ears]

Berlin, 1980
A spectacular exhibition of mechanical and electronic music making devices dating from the past four centuries. Curated by René Block for the Akademie der Kuenste, the exhibition included seven large gallery halls of sound sculpture, early electronic devices of the 1930s and 1940s, and sound environments, many of which Amirkhanian recorded during a walking tour of the event. Hear the sounds of the installations and the visiting public, with pieces by Laurie Anderson, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Bernard Leitner, Oskar Sala, John Cage, Harry Partch, Luigi Russolo, Joe Jones, Milan Knizak, Stephan von Huene, David Tudor, and Harry Bertoia.
Arnold SchalksEXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sculpture, performance, exhibition, berlin
A composition for percussion with video and computer transformations, is a concert-length technology venture by Steve Antosca, percussion performance and video content by Ross Karre, and audio technology by William Brent. Premiered in the National Gallery of Art East Building Atrium,Washington.
The conceptual framework of Habitat involves a percussionist operating comfortably within the domain of his instruments, emerging over the course of his performance into a larger, more profound environment through his roles as a performer and activator of the technology. This involves his movement to and performance within a “spiral galaxy” of unique percussion stations, distributed throughout the performance space. As the percussionist moves through the space on his transformational journey, a multiplicity of effects—visual, aural, and architectural—enters into the complex formula that comprises the performance of Habitat.
Used uniquely in the Gallery premiere as one of the percussion stations, Harry Bertoia’s Tonal Sculpture (1977) is a gift to the Gallery’s permanent collection from Bernard and Audrey Berman.
Habitat stems from the tradition of intermedia art, in which a variety of media are employed for the mutual benefit of underlying concepts. From the outset of the compositional process, Habitat treats percussion instruments, monitors, and projection surfaces as installed sculptures and unifying elements of the project.
The varying placement and instrumentation that define the percussionist’s journey allow the audience to adjust its auditory perspective through spatialization cues and timbral shifts, constantly reformulating their perception of the performance.
Steve Antosca, November 10, 2013EXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sculpture
Harry Bertoia sculptureA sculpture by influential American designer Harry Bertoia
BBC Antiques Roadshow invites members of the public to have their antiques and collectables examined and valued by experts.
VIDEOsculpture, bush
Find Me The Original Bertoia Collection

Knoll help educate us in what makes this chair so special.Couch Potato Company, 2009EXT.LINK
Harry Bertoia works used in "Animal Logic: A Surreal Happening by Cheryl Hochberg and Friends" Performed at the Allentown Art Museum on April 27, 2014. From brochure: "ANIMAL LOGIC was performed with collaborative sculptural elements produced by Andrew Brehm and music arranged and conducted by Dr. Susanna Loewy."John Marquette, 2014EXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sculpture, Allentown museum
Bertoia Sculpture and Gong at Lost City Arts
Bertoia piece at Sotheby's
from Standard Oil commission, Chicago
Gareth Gaston, 2014EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, auction
Untitled Harry Bertoia
Bertoia sculpture at
Milwaukee Art Museum
Strobertchannel, 2014EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, willow
The Allentown Art Museum's Sounding Sculpture
This untitled piece is beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to hearMacungie Homeschool, 2012EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound
Sound sculpture
Made in 1978 by Harry Bertoia it stands near the entrance to the Kresge Museum at Michigan State CollegeHenry Brimmer, 2010EXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sculpture
051Important Design AuctionIncludes more than two dozen sculptures by Harry Bertoia, an excellent Gong and an unparalleled selection of sculptures from the Stahr Collection. Wright Auction, December 2011EXT.LINK
050Interview with Klaus IhlenfeldReading Public Museum Curator, Scott Schweigert interviews Klaus Ihlenfeld at his home studio in Barto, PA. Ihlenfeld served as studio assistant to Harry Bertoia in Bally, Pennsylvania for two years where both artists shared a similar approach to sculpture based on the organic forms found in nature, among other sources of inspiration. Reading Public Museum, November 18, 2013EXT.LINK
049Harry Bertoia sounding sculptures in action"Awesome...!" Students visiting the Museum recently were treated to a playing of three sounding sculptures by Harry Bertoia (1915--1978). School Programs Manager Kathy Odorizzi donned gloves and played the sculptures, which are on public display every Wed-Sun in Butz Gallery.Allentown MuseumEXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sculptures
048WolfenAmerican crime horror film starring Albert Finney and Diane Venora. Bertoia sound sculpture (00:03:30)Michael Wadleigh, 1981EXT.LINK
VIDEOsound, sculpture
047Visiting Tra Ferro e Aria exhibitionAngelo Bertani (curator) and Giovanni Bianchet (Pro Loco), tell us about exhibitionRedazione PnBox, 2008EXT.LINK
046Hans Zimmer - Making Of "Superman: Man of steel" Soundtrack Part 5/5. Talking about Bertoia (00:02:33)Hans Zimmer creating the score for Zack Snyders "Man Of Steel".
VIDEOsound, sculpture
045Other Sounds Performance
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
STEFANO JUS - Sound Sculpture
PIETRO JUS - Electronic Drum
HARRY BERTOIA's Birthplace
San Lorenzo (PN) Italia
L'infanzia friulana
Harry Bertoia: childhood years
Amici di Harry Bertoia, July 2013
VIDEOsound, event
044American Look (Part I) The definitive Populuxe film on 1950s automotive, industrial, interior and architectural design. This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives

Producer: Handy (Jam) Organization
Sponsor: Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation, 1958
VIDEOdesign, futurisme, automobiles
043Decisi che una sedia non poteva bastare Harry Bertoia Exhibition. Provincia di Pordenone e Museo Civico di PordenoneRedazione PnBox, 2008EXT.LINK
042Knoll Roots Since our founding in 1938, design integrity has been our guiding principle as we offer insight into the way business is changing and into whats possible—now and for the future.
Knoll DesignEXT.LINK
041Principe del design
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
This documentary made by RAI documents the life of Harry Bertoia and show some pictures of the birthplace on the occasion of the exhibition Tra Ferro e AriaLara Boccalon
Rai 3 Friuli Venezia Giulia, 2008
VIDEObiography, tra ferro e aria
040Harry Bertoia's Sculpture at Smithsonian Art Museum
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
Sculpture Group Symbolizing World's Comunication in the Atomic Age (1959)
Brazed and welded brass and bronze
Smithsonian American Art Museum, gift of the Zenith Corporation (1979)
Lucio Bertoia, 2013EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, public commission
039Sonambient. The Sound Sculpture of Harry Bertoia
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
Sonambient performance by Harry Bertoia. Shown during the exhibition "Tra Ferro e Aria" 2008
Post production Paolo Comuzzi and Angelo Bertani
Jeffrey Eger, 1971EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient, barn, tra ferro e aria
038Harry Bertoia's Sculptures
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
Including pieces from the collection of W. Hawkins Ferry and the Federal Aviation Agency Dulles International Airport and Northwest National Life Insurance Company.
Sculpture music by Harry Bertoia.
Clifford B. West, 1965EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
037Metal Dimensions. Sculptures by Harry Bertoia
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
Filmed with the cooperation of Fairweather Hardin Gallery.
Harry Bertoia is one of the few contemporary sculptors whose welded constructions evolve directly from nature. We see Bertoia working in his studio, hear him talk, and study several of his works.
Madeline Tourtelot, 1958 caEXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound
036Eames: The Architect and The Painter
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
The husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames are widely regarded as America's most important designers. Perhaps best remembered for their mid-century plywood and fiberglass furniture, the Eames Office also created a mind-bending variety of other products, from splints for wounded military during World War II, to photography, interiors, multi-media exhibits, graphics, games, films and toys.Jason Cohn, Bill Jersey, 2011EXT.LINK
VIDEObiography, california
035Purely Knoll2012EXT.LINK
VIDEOdesign, chair
034Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble performs on Bertoia sculptures Ellen Fullman performs with the Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble (CAGE) on the Bertoia sound sculpturesJohnson Museum of Art, 2013EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
033Cage plays Bertoia Tonals Excerpt from a two hour performance on Harry Bertoia's "tonals" at the Johnson Museum of ArtCornell University, 2012EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
032Sunnylands Spotlight: Bertoia's "Peacock" 2013EXT.LINK
031Sounding Sculpture by Harry Bertoia Middlebury College Museum of Art, 2013EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
030Lisa Hanover, Director & CEO, playing Bertoia Sculptures Video features Lisa Hanover, Director & CEO and curator of the exhibition, "Harry Bertoia: Structure and Sound". In this brief clip, you can experience her playing some of the work and the sounds they produce. Michener Art Museum, 2013EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
029Allentown Art Museum: Harry Bertoia's Double Branched Gongs. John Pepper Gongs Allentown Museum2013EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, public commission
028Harry Bertoia's Sonambient Sculpture2013EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
027Harry Bertoia, Sculptor of Sound Harry Bertoia coined the word "Sonambient." Sonambient was the name of an album series in which Bertoia used his own sculptures as musical instruments for minimalist compositions.Daniella On Design, 2013EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient, public commission
026Bertoia Centennial ValThis video is about the Harry Bertoia centennial 2015 featuring Val Bertoia at Bertoia Studio in Bally, Pennsylvania.2nd State Production,2013EXT.LINK
025CageHerbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble compositions using Harry Bertoia Sounding Sculptures
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
024Two Rod TonalBertoia's 1978 sound sculpture located in Trenton, New Jersey.2012EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
023Harry Bertoia Spray Sculpture ca. 19602011EXT.LINK
022Long Beach Museum of Art Flora Fauna, by Harry Bertoia 1966 outside of the Long Beach Museum of Art in Long Beach, CA. A Welded Bronze sculpture with threedimensional features; visual, acoustic, and tactile. Made by using "spill casting," a direct-casting process.2012EXT.LINK
021Harry Bertoia table tonal limited editionThe Bertoia Estate offers the Limited Edition Table Tonal to celebrate Harry Bertoia's Centennial. First time ever, exact reproduction of a sounding sculpture! Quintessential Bertoia! See details at: Bertoia, 2012EXT.LINK
020Harry Bertoia sonic sculptureLocated in Guzzetta Hall at the University of Akron, but it would be better outdoors with the wind to set it off chiming and clanging.2006EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
019Harry Bertoia is struck again2012EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
018Bertoia Sounding Sculpture2008EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
017Bertoia Sculpture outside of Aon Building Chicago2011EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient, public commission
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
015Harry Bertoia: Untitled Sound Sculpture 2009EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
014Opening Exhibition Party at Kresge Museum Visualizing soundA celebration for the beginning of both the pre-opening exhibition for the museum and the Kresge Art Museum's Visualizing Sound exhibition. The pre-opening exhibition, Hiraka Sawa: Other Dwellings, curated by Director Michael Rush.2011EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
013Who needs a walker when you have a Bertoia chair?2010EXT.LINK
012Great American Sculptor HB Video MobilThis commercial as part of a series for MOBIL many years ago and recently found a 16mm print. Harry Bertoia died shortly after it was made. I loved his work and thought others might want to see this old documentary commercial.David HoffmanEXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
011V-Bertoia SoundVal Bertoia Sonambient Sculpture
Bertoia Long Sound
Melissa Strawser, 2012EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient, barn
010Sound VisionHarry Bertoia "Sounding Sculpture" (1973)
Beryllium copper
At the Oklahoma City Museum of Art
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
009Marshall Plane Memorial FountainHeld every year to commemorate the 75 lives lost on November 14, 1970. The fountain is turned off each year on November 14. It is dedicated to those lives lost and in the words of the sculptor Harry Bertoia it is intended to convey "the living (rather than commemorating death) in the waters of life... rising, renewing, reaching to express upward growth, immortality and eternity." The fountain stands 13 feet high and has 75 pieces of metal pointing upward, one for each life lost.2009EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, fountain, public commission
008Kresge Art Museum sound pieceSound Piece by Bertoia, 1978.
Beryllium copper
39-1/2 x 16 x 16 inches
MSU purchase, funded by the Friends of Kresge Art Museum
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient, barn
007J. Foster & D. Preble play Harry BertoiaFormer director James Foster and trustee Duane Preble, of the Honolulu Academy of Arts, play the Harry Bertoia sculpture "Sounding Sculpture."2009EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
006Sonambient Performance by Val BertoiaSonambient and Bertoia's barn2007EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient, barn
005Restoring and Installing Bertoia Screen Harry Bertoia's "Golden Arbor" sculpture had a whole other life before it joined ours at the 510 Fifth Ave Joe Fresh Flagship.Steven Sebring, 2012EXT.LINK
VIDEOnew york, manufacturers hanover trust, public commission
004Lecture by Celia Bertoia at Marshall UniversityHarry Bertoia biography by Celia Bertoia
Marshall University, 2011EXT.LINK
VIDEObiography, monoprint
003Harry Bertoia by Brigitta ValentinerHarry's Bertoia's wife provides insight into the work and life of this famous sculptor, who died in 1978. She demonstrates the orchestral quality of his "sounding sculptures," which are now displayed in Chicago, Ithaca, and Bally, PAPennsylvania State UniversityEXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient, barn
002Bertoia Sound Sculptures
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
Harry Bertoia created massive "Sonambient" sculptures - both musical instruments and works of art - beginning in the 1960s. This excerpt from the film "From Arieto to Harry Bertoia".
This documentary of Bertoia's life and work including interviews of those who knew Bertoia, on-site scenes in Italy, Canada, and the U.S.A.
Bruno Mercuri, Videe, 2008EXT.LINK
VIDEOsculpture, sound, sonambient
001A message from Ave Bertoia De Paoli
Original document available at HB's Birthplace Archive
Ave speaks about Harry's last words on his death bed on November 6, 1978.
This excerpt from the film "From Arieto to Harry Bertoia".
This documentary of Bertoia's life and work including interviews of those who knew Bertoia, on-site scenes in Italy, Canada, and the U.S.A.
Bruno Mercuri, Videe, 2008EXT.LINK
VIDEOfamily history, ave, obituary